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We Are Seen with Nicki James

Jul 27, 2022


  • The biggest mistake I see so many entrepreneurs making with their sales page.
  • Selling to their desires and not to their pain points (ouch!)
  • Everybody consumes content differently and we have to be considering that with the things we put out into the online space. 

THE WHO: Nicki is back, giving you a quick, easy and actionable tip for your sales pages to make them work harder and convert more leads. 

THE WHAT: In the first of many, shorter tip-based episodes, Nicki breaks down the most common mistake she sees entrepreneurs making with their sales page and tells you how you can avoid it. We all know people buy the result and not how to get there yet we see too many entrepreneurs laying out all the details and not enough of the transformation. 

THE WHY: There’s nothing worse than putting something out there and for whatever reason it doesn’t sell. And so often it’s just those one or two small tweaks that make all the difference. Nicki tells you all the things you need above the scroll, so when your clients are sitting there doom scrolling while watching Love Island tonight and you’ll catch their eye, they’ll know once they click through that you are the person for them because you’ve ensured you’ve nailed this ONE key thing on all of your sales pages. 


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