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We Are Seen with Nicki James

Aug 10, 2022


  • We can all do more to ensure we are being more inclusive in our brands and it starts with simple, actionable things. 
  • We talk about how as entrepreneurs we are not doing enough to ensure a diverse message is put out into the world
  • “Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance” Verna Myers 

THE WHO: This week I speak to the super inspiring Samantha Lubanzu all about diversity and inclusion and how we can be doing more within our brands to make the change we want, and most importantly need, to see in business and the world. 


THE WHAT: This podcast was such an interesting one for me as I really had to open my mind to how much more I could be doing as a white woman in business. We learn in this episode how it’s not just enough to say you're inclusive but the importance of showing it too as Samantha talks about what it’s really like in this online world as she makes waves to educate more people on how to make their brands more diverse and inclusive. 


THE WHY: Samantha has the most amazing quote that she lives by when she talks about diversity and inclusion: “Diversity and inclusion starts with holding a mirror up to yourself and celebrating your own uniqueness” and I think it’s time we all hold a mirror up to ourselves as we learn more from Samantha, a diversity and inclusion business coach and a career and business coach for underestimated women and allies. We all need to be doing more and Samantha tells us some of the ways we can start because this isn’t just something to be considering in a one off moment, when everyone is talking about it. It needs to be discussed daily and implemented continuously. Let’s start to make this online world a more inclusive place, one brand at a time.  


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