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We Are Seen with Nicki James

Sep 15, 2022


  • Nicki talks about her belief that all women have the power to make more wealth and have more impact by being unapologetically them in their brands.
  • Nicki shares a breakdown of the things she's most passionate about in this journey, and the instant impact defining them had on what she does.
  • Nicki invites you to join the exclusive VIP Waitlist for her signature programme, where you'll be the first to hear about insane early bird savings and VIP access to her. Shhhh! It's a secret.

THE WHO: This week Nicki is flying solo, bringing you everything you need to know about her beliefs in business and encouraging you to share yours. She's even announcing a super exclusive waitlist for her signature programme and how it's evolving and changing, knowing you'll want your eyes inside this next launch way before anyone else.  This is your invitation.

THE WHAT: Join Nicki as she breaks down the outcome of a task she was set by her mentor, and explains the instant realisations and breakthroughs she had. She invites you to go through the same process and then discusses how she is using these principles to guide the latest cohort of her signature programme and the way it's selling. Nicki discusses the why behind the changes, with a few little tips thrown in along the way, before announcing how you can be part of the VIP waitlist at the end of the episode.   

THE WHY: Nicki believes that all women are unstoppable and that no-one needs to change to be successful. In this episode she walks you  through the why, and the how, on her mission to build female leaders one brand at a time.