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We Are Seen with Nicki James

Jul 18, 2022

TRIGGER WARNING: In this episode we talk about domestic abuse, domestic violence and assault. If you’d like any help and support on any of the topics mentioned in today’s episode here’s a list of places: 

Womens Aid:





  • A lot of business owners have experienced trauma or suffering and we talk about how we can use that to pay our strengths forward. 
  • As Dani launches and runs the #FlyAnyway Foundation, we speak about how domestic abuse and domestic violence doesn’t just affect women. 
  • We discuss how domestic violence is portrayed in the media and the effects that can have on the voices of victims and survivors. 

THE WHO: In this super raw and honest conversation Nicki talks to Dani Wallace, CEO and owner of the #FlyAnyway Foundation, a non-profit organisation helping the survivors of domestic abuse and domestic violence and fearless leader of the I am the Queen Bee movement. 

THE WHAT: Nicki & Dani have been friends for a long time after meeting in Malta on a business trip, where Dani really started her journey as the Queen Bee. They discuss how Dani, on paper, could have had a life that turned out very differently but had that inner fire in her belly to not be a subject of her past as she grew her public speaking and coaching business, in order to follow her dream to support domestic abuse and violence survivors. In this episode Nicki & Dani talk about how so many people’s voices get taken away when suffering trauma of any kind and how it’s in those moments that the #FlyAnyway Foundation provide support to rise back up and find their place in the business world. 

THE WHY: In this episode, we discuss how so many entrepreneurs have experienced trauma and abuse and how it becomes a catapult to pay our strengths forward. We discuss recent subjects in the media (Depp vs Heard) and how we believe they should be handled as personal brands and also shed a light on our joint mission to ensure that people are seen and heard and use their voices to help others know they are not alone.  


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