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We Are Seen with Nicki James

Jul 13, 2022


  • It’s time to stop hiding the real you and allow her to rise to the surface. 
  • We don’t have to call out what isn’t working for us, but we do have to show that it can be done differently. 
  • There’s too many people telling us they’ve got the answer to all our success, but this isn’t about their journey, it’s about ours. 

THE WHO: Nicki James spills the tea on what it really takes to turn up the dial and step into your next level, unapologetic version of yourself, for the first episode of season 2 of The We Are Seen Podcast. 

THE WHAT: In this activating (not triggering) episode, Nicki talks about what would really happen if we truly owned the part of ourselves dying to come out, if we really turned up that energy and if we stopped trying to change ourselves to fit into this online space. Nicki busts the myths that your people need you to be something you’re not and challenges you to think about the fact there is someone out there for everyone and that your people might just be waiting for you to stop playing small and finally arrive. 

THE WHY: You get to choose which move you make next and that move needs to be a step closer to the impact you desire. In this thought-provoking episode Nicki asks you to really think about who your next level version of yourself is, if we took away all the pressures of this online space and truly came back to yourselves. Nicki shares her own vulnerabilities, because she knows that really, we are all in this together, all navigating the online space and trying to make our mark. Nicki shows you that you don’t have to change an ounce of yourself but instead turn the dial up on your unapologetic self. She’s walking with you, by the side of you, as we kick off with season 2. It’s gonna be exciting. Buckle in ladies, we’re about to go on a ride. 



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