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We Are Seen with Nicki James

Aug 3, 2022


For anyone who is going through health issues right now, we will be discussing cancer and its impact, but don’t be fooled, Jacci brings a really refreshing outlook to the table.


  • A game changing conversation that helped to transform the way this incredible woman runs her business
  • We talk about the power of owning all of who you are in the online space despite what comes your way
  • Jacci talks honestly about how she views her stage 4 cancer diagnosis and her outlook on whatever comes her way, she will always be her brand

THE WHO: Nicki is back for another episode, joined by the super inspiring Jacci Jones to talk about living life and being human, whatever life throws at you.

THE WHAT: I told you from the start that this Podcast is all about the truth and realness of what it’s like to have a personal brand in this online space, and that is exactly what we’re talking about today. This is about more than just what we do as a business, this is about the things we have going on in our lives, the things life throws at us and how we talk about that as brands. Jacci’s episode promises to inspire, with an incredible story of her journey with stage 4 ovarian cancer. But Jacci is on a mission to inspire and change people’s lives as she realises she wants to raise more awareness by utilising her personal brand.

THE WHY: Jacci is a true inspiration to all of us, embracing the mindset to defy the odds and start saying yes to every opportunity. A woman who doesn’t like being vulnerable chose to share her truth with me, and with all of you, and there is something so powerful in that moment. Because when we can be seen for all of who we are, or in her words say “f*ck it, this is who I am,” and we step into that and embrace it, we can unlock something we never thought possible. I am honoured that she chose to sit down with me and have this conversation. I can’t wait to see what impact this incredible woman has on you.


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